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Audio-Technica BP40 Large Diaphragm Dynamic: Now Shipping

A-T's multi-purpose dynamic is available for $349 street.

Audio-Technica’s BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Microphone ($349 street) features a hypercardioid polar pattern and is primarily built for broadcast applications, though sources at A-T confirm that it is useful on a wide range of sound sources, specifically kick drum. The BP40 comes standard with the AT8483 mounting clamp, and for additional protection from noise, shock and vibration, the optional AT8484 shock mount is available separately.

Other BP40 characteristics include a 50 Hz to 16 kHz frequency response, 100 Hz low-frequency roll-off (6 dB/octave), and dimensions of 6.45 x 2.2 inches (length x diameter). The mic’s design, said to be inspired by the visual representation of a waveform, features an all-metal housing. The BP40’s large diaphragm features patented floating-edge construction that A-T says “maximizes diaphragm surface area and optimizes overall diaphragm performance, while the humbucking voice coil prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI).”