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Audiofile Debuts Triumph Wave Editor

Audiofile Engineering has released Triumph, a new edition of the company's Wave Editor audio editing application for Mac OSX.

Minneapolis, MN (November 8, 2012)—Audiofile Engineering has released Triumph, a new edition of the company’s Wave Editor audio editing application for Mac OSX.

Triumph offers single window and full screen support with improvements to the arrangement and mastering features, all set at 64-bit. It features a patented method for editing audio: Layers. This Layers method is similar to image editing in technique, but is specifically tailored for audio. It reportedly saves time by keeping everything live and editable until the final product.

The new FHX effect in Triumph is said to solve a number of the issues often associated with listening to music on headphones, and reportedly creates a more spacious, natural sound stage over headphones.

Audiofile Engineering has teamed up with iZotope and now includes iZotope Restore & Restoration as well as the advanced iZotope MBIT+ and 64-bit SRC options for disc burning in Triumph.

Other key features for Triumph include: Redesigned Meters inspired by the UI from the Spectre, Audiofile’s real-time analysis application; Auto Save and Versions to automatically save projects with browse history; Multi-Touch Gestures; Full Apple Script Support for complex workflows, automation and interacting with other applications; Actions for a clean, uncluttered interface and intuitive workflow; Effects Groups to save a group of Effects including settings for use on future projects; Effects Automation for new Shapes feature that can automate the parameters of an effect; High performance scrubbing and FHX headphone listening plug-in; Hardware Output & Channel Mapping for improved system configuration; Full Support for iXML; Retina displays; and Analog Simulation.

Audiofile Engineering