Audix Bows FP Quad Drum Mic Pack

Audix has debuted its FP Quad drum mic pack.
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Anaheim, CA (February 10, 2012)—Audix has debuted its FP Quad drum mic pack.

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A “cost-effective alternative” to the company's DP Quad drum mic pack introduced last year, the FP Quad pack is designed for use in club, rehearsal, school, house of worship, and home-recording environments.

The pack features the F6 dynamic microphone for kick drum, the F5 dynamic microphone for snare drum and two F9 condensers microphones for overhead applications. The F5 and F6 are high SPL, dynamic microphones, which can be used for close miking and for capturing the attack and percussive sound of the drums. The F9 pre-polarized mic, with its 14mm gold-sputtered diaphragm, will pick up the hi-hats, tom fills, cymbals and ambiance of the entire drum kit.