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Audix BP5 PRO and BP7 PRO ‘Band Packs’

Audix has introduced a new concept in bundled microphone kits: the “band pack.” Two professional band packs — the BP5 PRO and BP7 PRO — contain five and seven studio quality Audix microphones, respectively. Also new for 2012 are two affordable, equivalent band packs, the BP5F and BP7F. These combinations include five and seven microphones from the popular dynamic Fusion Series. The Band Packs were created with microphones that have been used by artists, engineers and sound companies for many years.

The BP5 PRO is a five piece professional microphone pack which includes the D6 and i5 instrument mics, kick and snare drum mics, respectively. The D6 and i5, plus the OM5 lead vocal dynamic microphone and two OM2 dynamic vocal mics for support, comprises the BP5 PRO. The BP7 PRO is the same package with two additional microphones, i5 dynamic mics, for miking guitar and bass cabinets a well as a wide variety of instruments. 

Prices: $975, $775, $650 & $495 (BP7 PRO, BP5 PRO, BP7F and BP5F, respectively)

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