Audix D6 & May Monorail Internal Kick Drum Mic Mounting System for Drum Workshop

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Audix has been selected to provide a custom silver D6 kick drum microphone, along with the May Monorail internal kick drum mic mounting system, to be included as standard equipment in a limited edition of only one hundred 40th Anniversary Collector's Series Drum Workshop kits.
The Audix D6 dynamic instrument microphone features extended low frequency response in a compact design. The D6 is equipped with a VLM diaphragm and is available individually or in several Audix drum kit mic packages. The May Monorail mounts internally to kick drums, utilizing existing drum hardware, and is hard wired to the exclusive AVC Audio Vent Connector for a drill-free XLR connection while maintaining proper drum venting. Pre-wired Monorail installation kits including the Audix D6 are available for aftermarket installation to nearly any kick drum and are distributed exclusively through Drum Workshop. 
Drum Workshop will make only one hundred 40th Anniversary Collector’s Series Tamo Ash Exotic drumsets, available worldwide “on a very limited basis,” offers the company. The six piece kit includes 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 14x16 toms, 5.5x14 snare and 18x22-inch kick drum. 

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