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Auralex Digitizes Room Analysis

Auralex has launched its Digital Personalized Room Analysis Form.

Indianapolis, IN (September 2, 2011)–Auralex has launched its Digital Personalized Room Analysis Form.

The new digital process enables room information to be fed directly into the Auralex database, so application specialists can begin evaluating the room’s acoustical needs. This direct stream of data shortens the process and acoustical analysis completion time. However, if customers still desire the paper version of this form, authorized Auralex dealers will have it on hand.

Most aspects of the PRAF service have stayed the same. Customers fill out a form with details about a project and provide diagrams with room dimensions. The new form will allow customers to input the requested data, and upload drawings and pictures directly into Auralex’s Customer Relationship Management software. This information is then used to render an acoustical model of the space and to determine the most effective acoustical treatment plan for the specific room and application.

After Auralex receives the requests, they are sorted geographically and routed to the appropriate Application Specialist. Within two to three business days, an Auralex Application Specialist will review the information and formulate suggestions for Auralex products and their suggested placement in the room(s). Products can then be purchased through any of Auralex’s hundreds of authorized dealers.

Auralex Audio’s Digital PRAF