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Avantone Pro Unveils CLA-200 Studio Reference Amplifier

Amplifier was developed with Grammy-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

Tallman, NY (October 31, 2018)—Avantone Pro has introduced its CLA-200 Studio Reference Amplifier, developed for pro audio use with Grammy-winning mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

The CLA-200 is a Class A/B amplifier housed in a standard 2U rack-mount chassis. The amplifier itself can generate more than 200 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load and can reportedly run at one third power without thermal fault, making it appropriate for medium to large speakers. The unit is convection cooled and is designed to be used in a studio environment requiring high-power output with no fan noise.

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The amplifier is listed as offering a 20 Hz-20 kHz +/- 0.5dB frequency response; 200 W at 8 ohms, 300 W at 4 ohms, or 500 W bridged into 8 ohms output power; <0.05% distortion; >94 dB signal-to-noise ratio; 20 KΩ (balanced) and 10 kΩ (unbalanced) input impedance; and 28 V/us slew rate (at 1KHz), among other stats.

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Chris Lord-Alge said of the pro audio collaboration’s result, “I have mixed 20,000 songs on my classic studio monitors and they have become my companions and part of what I do! They are truly the sound of hits! Every good pair of monitors needs a powerhouse of an amplifier to give you clear results. So now, thanks to Avantone Pro and the ears of CLA, we’re making available for the first time the return of a classically-designed amplifier for your studio.”

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The CLA-200 Studio Reference Amplifier will ship in late December with an MSRP of $799.00 USD.

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