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Avid Debuts iOS App for Monitor Engineers

New Avid iOS App for S6L console aims to get monitor engineers mobile.

Burlington, MA (January 4, 2018)—Avid has unveiled its new On-Stage iOS for use with its Venue S6L live sound system, providing new control surface and software workflows for monitor engineers. A software update for the S6L system has also been released, both accommodating the addition of On-Stage and adding new features for monitor mixing.

The On-Stage app allows engineers to remotely control any mix on their S6L desk, enabling them to walk the stage and fine tune mixes emanating from performers’ stage monitors. Additionally, the app allows up to 16 performers to control their own individual monitor mixes.

Meanwhile, the S6L Software update offers a number of new features for monitor mixing, including a new Sends on Faders button, which provides access to sends as well as members of a mix quickly. Engineers can now also maintain the Aux, Group, Matrix, or VCA master fader position when spilling its members for better efficiency, and enjoy better visibility into VCA members in Meters view.

“As part of Avid’s commitment to our preeminent live sound customer community, this new version of Avid VENUE Software delivers significant capabilities for monitor engineers, including support for one of their most highly requested features—the Avid On-Stage app,” said Dana Ruzicka, vice president and chief product officer at Avid. “Combined with the powerful capabilities already in Avid S6L, this software update makes the flagship Avid live sound console the choice for monitor engineers working in concert sound, touring and houses of worship all over the world.”

The On-Stage app is iOS 10- and 11-compatible and is available to download for free from the Apple App Store. The S6L Software update is likewise available and free to download for customers with a valid Avid Advantage Elite Live support contract.

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