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Avid Debuts Pro Tools MTRX SPQ Option Card

New MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card handles speaker calibration and bass management.

Burlington, MA (August 16, 2018)—Avid has unveiled a new Pro Tools | MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card for speaker calibration and bass management, allowing users to tune rooms, manage bass and EQ monitors, and cue signals with the Pro Tools | MTRX audio interface.

Designed for use within the MTRX audio interface, the SPQ option card enables control of monitoring systems in stereo, surround, and immersive audio production rooms.

DAWs Broaden Reach, Deepen Feature Sets

The Pro Tools | MTRX SPQ Speaker Processing Card offers 1,024 IIR filters across 128 channels per card (up to 16 filters per channel). It integrates with DADman and Pro | Mon software for MTRX, enabling customers to save and recall configurations for any audio format—from stereo to immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos.

In conjunction with Pro Tools | MTRX, the SPQ option card is a fully integrated speaker processing and I/O solution intended to streamline workflows.

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Developed in collaboration with Digital Audio Denmark (DAD), Pro Tools | MTRX is fully modular and with eight card slots, and it can be customized. With the addition of the SPQ card, there are now 10 different option cards that customers can mix and match to meet their needs.

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