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Aviom Pro64 Firmware V4.35 & Pro64 Network Manager V2.1

Aviom’s Pro64Firmware version 4.35 and Pro64 Network Manager version 2.1 are now available for download. The updated firmware introduces additional flexibility to Aviom’s-control mic preamp control protocol for Yamahadigital consoles, as well as the ability to seamlessly extend Pro64 networks while the network is running.

The new m-control feature allows users to select from two methods of mapping mic preamp gain settings from the Yamaha console to the gain and pad settings of Aviom’s Pro64 Series mic preamps. For most users, Auto Pad, which automatically switches Aviom pads on and off based on the position of the Yamaha gain control and whether the gain is being adjusted up or down, is a good balance of performance and simplicity. However, for users who prefer separate gain and pad controls, Manual Pad delinks the two settings, mapping Yamaha gain settings directly to the Aviom preamps and leaving the Aviom pad state unaffected by gain changes.

Price: Free download

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