1RU rack keeps three 500 Series units in a standard rack frame.

North Hollywood, CA (Janurary 12, 2018)—BAE Audio has shipped its R53 3-slot horizontal 500 series rack with linking.

Announced at last year’s NAMM Show, the 1RU unit allows users to keep three  “lunchbox”-style signal processors in a typical rack while conserving space. The unit offers a built-in power supply, and switchable linking on the front of the unit lets users pass signal from one slot to the next, allowing users to, for example, cascade a preamp into an EQ and then into a compressor without patching.

The R53 sports a steel chassis, shielded wires on individual connectors and Neutrik XLR inputs and outputs.

The R53 is available with an MSRP of $450, though BAE is also selling a “Loaded” version for $2,736, which comes with its BAE 312A preamp, G10 EQ and 500C units FET Compressor to comprise a channel strip.

BAE Audio • www.baeaudio.com