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BassBoss Debuts LA88 Line Array

BassBoss has unveiled its LA88 compact line array, intended for clubs, festivals and other applications.

Austin, TX (June 30, 2016)—BassBoss has unveiled its LA88 compact line array, intended for clubs, festivals and other applications.

The LA88 line array employs a narrow aperture wave-guide and then transitions the output to a flat fascia, allowing it to deliver up to 140 degrees of coverage. The 55 lbs. elements hang with an overall width of 28.5” with rigging pins inserted in the flyware, leaving clean sight lines and the ability to pass through 30” doors while pinned together on an optional transport and ground-support cart.

The LA88’s bass output delivers +-3 db from 50 Hz to 18,000 Hz in full-range mode. Subwoofer integration also enables the LA88 to deliver even higher levels of output by activating satellite mode, which engages a high-pass filter that maximizes midrange output. BassBoss offers flyware-compatible 15-inch, 18-inch and 21-inch subwoofers that can fly above or serve as support platforms below the LA88s.

The LA88 Line Array is powered internally with a 3000W EIAJ Powersoft class D amplifier. The LA88’s amplifier can operate on mains voltages from 90 to 250 V, ensuring compatibility with all power supplies worldwide.

The LA88 propagates using proprietary multi-aperture summing technology. The technology compression loads the LA88’s 8-inch drivers in an effort to improve midrange sensitivity, while dividing the summed acoustical output over multiple small apertures, allowing the mid frequencies to sum coherently on the vertical axis. The apertures also reportedly improve horizontal dispersion by narrowing the mid frequency radiating area.

The cabinets are made in the USA from premium Baltic Birch. Touring versions are finished in a black polyurethane bedliner coating. Touring flyware and metalwork is available in powder coated black or decorative bright-brushed aluminum. Indoor installation versions are available in white or black with matching or contrasting flyware. A waterproof fiberglass finish is available for permanent outdoor installations. Weatherized versions also feature waterproof passive input wiring and rack-mount amplifiers.