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Bassmaxx Releases CCM112 YesMon

Bassmaxx has released its bi-amped CCM112 YesMon powered monitor.

Austin, TX (August 20, 2012)—Bassmaxx has released its bi-amped CCM112 YesMon powered monitor.

The CCM112 is a 12-inch monitor with a 1500W Powersoft class D amplifier coupled to a high-power handling neodymium woofer and a co-axially mounted 1.4-inch exit compression driver. The co-axial point source reportedly provides consistent off-axis response and superior feedback rejection. It also offers 96kHz networkable DSP, anti-feedback DSP programming with up to 60 presets on board, and unlimited presets available online. The cabinet is made of Baltic Birch, measuring 14in. x 15in. x 12in. and weighs 30.6 lbs. It has four deployment angles plus a cast metal pole-mount.

“We put many ‘big’ elements into this very small monitor, so the size of the CCM simply does not prepare you for its capabilities and output,” Bassmaxx president and designer David Lee said. “We’ve had major artists presented with them for use as a stage monitor who took a look at them with disdain, saying ‘That’s not going to be big enough, mate’, and then look astonished when we turned them on! It definitely is a big surprise when you compare size to volume.”

Lee explained that when the preset matches a specific microphone, the microphone is automatically EQ’d for maximum gain before feedback. “This is a great time-saver for the professional and a great problem solver for the amateur,” Lee said. “Up to 60 presets can be stored on the DSP through a USB or Ethernet interface and, once loaded, can be recalled though the on-board display controller without a computer hook-up.”