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Behringer S16 Digital Snake: Now Shipping

Behringer is now shipping its Digital Snake S16, a component for the company’s X32 Digital Mixer family. The S16 provides a scalable solution for remote microphone inputs connected via CAT-5e cable. Features include 16 MIDAS-designed digitally programmable, remotely controllable mic preamps, the same as those found in the X32 console. Additionally, S16 offers 8 analog, servo-balanced XLR line, as well as 16 ADAT digital outputs that can be used in splitter mode and/or stand-alone multi-core applications. Dual MIDI ports provide bi-directional control of devices between the stage and FOH, while dual AES50 network ports allow up to three S16s to be cascaded without the need for an external router or hub. ULTRANET connectivity is also included for use with Behringer’s P16 personal monitoring system.

Other features include a dedicated monitoring/control section that allows the user to select one of the 16 inputs, 8 bus outputs or P16 output streams, and listen via headphones for instant line checks. Additionally, the engineer can meter and set individual input gain, apply +48 V phantom power and much more. Once set, all configuration settings can be locked at the console for total system security.

The Digital Snake S16 is covered under Behringer’s industry-leading 3-year limited warranty program.

Price: $899