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Bettermaker EQ232P Debuts

TransAudio Group is now shipping the Bettermaker EQ232P, a two-channel analog equalizer that adds plug-in-like features.

Las Vegas, NV (December 31, 2012)—TransAudio Group is now shipping the Bettermaker EQ232P, a two-channel analog equalizer that adds plug-in-like features.

This Pultec-style stereo/dual mono analog equalizer features five filters on each channel, and may be saved in up to 399 presets in the unit’s internal memory. Both channels of the EQ 232P include a 12 dB/octave high-pass filter covering the range 18 Hz – 200 Hz. There are two active parametric filters on each channel: EQ1 extends from 45 Hz to 1 kHz and EQ2 from 650 Hz to 15 kHz. The PEQ section, an homage to the classic 1950s Pultec analog equalizer design, features high- and low-frequency shelving passive filters, each with separate boost and attenuation controls, just like the original. The HF section also includes a fully variable bandwidth control, also similarly to the Pultec.

All of the digital rotary encoders controlling the filter parameters are velocity sensitive, enabling coarse changes when spun quickly and precise fine increments or decrements when turned slowly. The HPF, two filters and PEQ section may be individually hardware bypassed.

By applying digital control to analog hardware, the EQ 232P’s hybrid design allows inclusion of an A/B switch. This enables the user to compare two different EQ settings, similarly to the operation of a DAW plug-in.

A Preset section saves and recalls the state of the unit (except for the EQ section engage and A/B comparison switches) into 399 memory positions. Position 400 serves as an undo function. Seven factory presets created by Marek Walaszek, mixing/mastering engineer and Bettermaker CEO and product designer, are included.

The Bettermaker EQ 232P may be connected to a DAW via USB and controlled using the supplied software plug-in, which supports AU, VST and RTAS, and 32- and 64-bit architecture. The unit appears as a MIDI device and may alternatively be operated using Sysex commands. The currently selected preset automatically saves with the DAW project. All setting changes are bi-directional between the plug-in, which does not pass audio, and the hardware, which must be connected via the computer interface or sound card.

The Bettermaker EQ 232P Remote version features a blank front panel with external computer control exclusively via the GUI.

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