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beyerdynamic Touring Gear Series

Respected German manufacturer beyerdynamic has announced its new Touring Gear microphone series, a complete product range of more than 25 different microphones for live performance. Most notably, this line features beyer’s unique and proven Sound Channelling Technology, “acoustic labyrinths with special geometries that provide optimized sound channelling,” explains company documentation. “(SCT) influences the sound and model the polar pattern by using precisely tuned delay lines and attenuation pads. Whether with additional elements, special materials or a unique design: every beyerdynamic microphone has its own Sound Channelling Technology.”
The Touring Gear Series has four distinct subcategories: the entry-level TG 30, “the standard” TG 50, the “no compromises,” German handcrafted TG 70 and the premium-class TG 90, which features the top shelf TGV90r ribbon microphone as well as the TG V96c true condenser microphone for live vocal applications.
Prices: TBA
Contact: American Music & Sound (US Distributor) |