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beyerdynamic Touring Gear Ships

beyerdynamic’s new Touring Gear series of 25 microphones are now shipping.

New York (August 15, 2011)—beyerdynamic’s new Touring Gear series of 25 microphones are now shipping.

“The new TG microphone series is the next step in our fireworks of innovation of the past years,” said Wolfgang Luckhardt, Managing Director of beyerdynamic. “Today’s users do not always know immediately which product is the right one for them. Thus, a self-explanatory, logical product structure was the starting point of our considerations. But beyond that, we have made our Sound Channelling Technology a true unique selling proposition. Sound Channelling Technology is responsible for that special ‘beyerdynamic sound’ – as clear and natural as in real life. It makes us unique, and our customers appreciate that. This comprehensive microphone launch is a new milestone in the audio industry.”

Mario Gebhardt, Audio Products Development Manager, explained, “Our objective was to get rid of unproductive relics, but to keep and refine proven strengths. At the same time, we have made space for new ideas and implemented them. One such result is Sound Channelling Technology, which lets us specifically work on acoustic design in order to achieve optimal sound, exceeding the standard parameters of a microphone system. When combined with outstanding design, excellent handling, and extreme sturdiness, the result is a thoroughly consistent live microphone series.”

Touring Gear’s four categories include:

TG 30: An entry level series.

TG 50: The series covers all applications related to the stage – from vocals, instruments and drums to headsets and lavalier microphones.

TG 70: The models of the TG 70 series “go one step further in every direction” with “even better technical characteristics and even higher quality materials for even better sound.”

TG 90: The top end of the Touring Gear microphone series. The series includes the TGV90r ribbon microphone as well as the TG V96c true condenser microphone for live vocal applications.

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