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BigRock Debuts BoomLok for Mic Stands

An aide to aid sagging stands.

New York, NY (April 20, 2018)—Straight from the ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ files, BigRock Innovations has introduced the Boomlok, a patent-pending cure for boom-style microphone stands that sag.

A rail with adjustable clamps at each end, the Boomlok is designed to prevent boom sag, helping protect microphones and save both recording takes and concert performances that might otherwise be ruined by a mid-song collapse.

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Likewise, the addition of the Booklok can help eek more life out of an aging boom-style stand, saving on replacement costs.

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The device has already been endorsed by former Hit Factory chief engineer and studio owner Harry Maslin, who notes, “Using the Boomlok is a great way to protect your expensive microphones and your artists.” Meanwhile, new age artist/founding member of Jefferson Starship Craig Chaquico suggests it will “be a must for every sound company everywhere. It’s probably going to end up on riders with the brown M&Ms.”

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