Audio connectivity panel comes in standard and custom configurations.

Glendale, CA (January 10, 2018)—At the NAMM Show (its first), Bittree will introduce the new ProStudio 1625QX audio pass-through panel.

The 1x16 PS1625QX is intended to provide front-of-rack access to I/O connections in both permanent and mobile studio environments, and can be used for applications as straightforward as connecting a microphone to a DAW, or more complicated setups like multi-microphone drum recording sessions.

Ari Baron, general manager at Bittree, noted that the company focused on providing convenience “so that users don’t need to squeeze behind racks or sort through tangled masses of cables to hook up their gear.”

The PS1625QX is available with a choice of connection types: 16 male XLR connectors; 16 female XLR connectors; 8 male and 8 female XLR connectors; or 16 female 1/4-inch TRS jacks, but it can also be ordered in custom configurations with any combination of connectors.

Audio signals are passed through to two DB25 connectors on the rear of the units, providing interfacing with Avid Pro Tools and TASCAM-compatible equipment. A large silkscreened diagram on the rear panel shows the unit’s TASCAM-standard pinout as reference.

The new model’s 1RU, three inch deep, fully-enclosed chassis features a formed aluminum front panel with a black powder-coat finish. A large designation strip enables labeling and identification. The unit ($365.00 MSRP) is designed, manufactured, and tested in Bittree’s facility in Glendale, California.

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