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Bose Debuts SoundComm B40 Live Event Production Headset

Tested on NFL games, the new headset is intended for live production crews, HOW use and sporting event staff.

Framingham, MA (September 9, 2019)—Bose has introduced its SoundComm B40 Headset for live event production professionals.

The headset is intended for use in live music and theatre productions, church and worship productions, and sporting events. Tested and proven on the sidelines of the NFL, the B40 Headset builds on the SoundComm B30 coach’s headset.

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The B40 features Bose acoustic noise cancellation technology to reduce crowd noise, and features a weather-resistant dynamic noise cancellation microphone that provides far-field noise rejection to aid clear communication within a live event production team.

The SoundComm B40 is available in 4-pin XLRF and 5-pin XLRM variants, making it compatible with many intercom systems that provide monaural or binaural audio. The SoundComm B40 comes with a one-year warranty in North America and a two-year warranty in Europe and is supported by Bose’s headset service.

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The Bose SoundComm B40 Headset is available for $749.95 for the single-earcup version and $849.95 for the dual-earcup version.

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