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Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker and F1 Subwoofer

Strother Bullins. I recently visited Bose Pro HQ for a full tour and demonstration of the F1 PPA, and later, a live performance by Will Dailey and band via F1.

Designed to serve a broader set of applications than Bose’s L1 portable PA (PPA) systems, F1 Model 812 is reportedly the first powered portable loudspeaker that allows users up to four different vertical coverage patterns. The F1 system is an ideal choice for live music, DJ, corporate AV, house-of-worship, AV rental and general P.A. applications.

With the F1 system sound can be optimized for playing at floor level, on stage or facing raked seats or bleachers. To control the vertical coverage pattern, users simply push or pull the array into position to create “Straight” (tightest vertical control, for floor-level audience coverage), “J” (adjust vertical splay down, when P.A. is placed on stage), “C” (adjust vertical splay up and down, to cover extreme raked seating), or “Reverse J” (adjust vertical splay up, e.g. for bleacher seating coverage) dispersion patterns. Once set, the system automatically adjusts the EQ to maintain optimum tonal balance for each coverage pattern.

The F1 Model 812 loudspeaker is built with an array of eight Bose proprietary 2.25-inch drivers, 100-degree horizontal waveguides, a high-powered 12-inch woofer and a lower crossover point. Dimensions are 26.1″ by 13.1″ by 14.6″ while total weight is 44.5 lbs.

For extended bass response, the optional Bose F1 Subwoofer (27″ x 16.14″ x 17.6″; 55.3 lbs) creates a 2000W per side full-range system; F1 components are rated at 1,000 W each. A proprietary Bose mounting stand for the loudspeaker is integrated right into the body of the subwoofer. The stand also includes cable channels to neatly hide the wires. Additionally, the loudspeaker and subwoofer feature strategically placed handles for stress-free transportation; the system easily fits in a car, explains Bose promotional material. In addition, the F1 Model 812 has been designed with features to facilitate fixed installations through threaded inserts and accessory pan and tilt and yoke brackets.

The F1 Model 812 and F1 Subwoofer will be available in late Summer 2015. 

I recently visited Bose Professional HQ in Framingham MA for a full tour and demonstration of the F1 PPA, and later, a live performance by Will Dailey and band via F1 at nearby Showcase Live, Patriot Place in Foxborough—a venue normally covered by a large touring-grade line array and large format digital touring console at FOH. The F1 covered the large venue amazingly well while sounding notably full and natural. Also demonstrated onsite by a live DJ, I was able to witness how well and simply the four vertical coverage patterns work, switching the push/pull patterns on the Model 812 cabinet myself as the DJ did his thing. As a result, I’m excited and eager to review the full system for the NewBay AV/Pro Audio Group.

Stay tuned to Pro Sound Network for a comprehensive review of the full F1 portable PA system.

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