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Bose Pro Ships New ControlSpace Processors

Bose unveils new commercial sound processors.

Framingham, MA (August 9, 2019)—Bose Professional is now shipping its new ControlSpace Commercial Sound Processors – the CSP-1248 and CSP-428 – and three new digital wall controllers.

The CSP-1248 and CSP-428 work with an onboard CSP configuration utility and browser-based UI that provide a quick-setup workflow. Common tasks are presented, so installers can configure the system.

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Bose CSPs offer balanced analog I/O and mono-summed RCA inputs, as well as control inputs, control outputs, and a mute contact. A Bose AmpLink output allows for a digital audio connection to compatible power amplifiers, reducing terminations and related points of failure. They can be configured via Mac or PC, and the rear-panel Ethernet port connects to optional ControlCenter digital zone controllers and the ControlSpace Remote app.

Opti-source level management monitors the input level of up to four sources, maintaining a consistent volume level between them. DynamicEQ processing expands performance and response at any listening level. Opti-voice paging provides a transition between music and page signals. When combined with the Bose AVM-1 sense microphone, AutoVolume compensation adapts zone output level based on the ambient noise of an active space.

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Also new are three new digital wall controllers: the CC-1D, CC-2D and CC-3D. Each model comes in black or white and is available in regional variants. They feature a single rotary encoder and circular LED ring. The CC-2D and CC-3D models have a push-button rotary encoder to allow for A/B or A/B/C/D source selection with LED source indicators on the panel. In addition to the new digital wall controllers, the new CSP and ESP processors are supported by ControlSpace Remote, allowing customized control panels to be built and deployed to end users for wireless control of their systems from mobile phones, tablets or laptops.

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