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Bose Professional Set for InfoComm

Broadly expanded range of pro audio offerings to be on display at InfoComm.

Orlando, FL (June 6, 2019)—Bose Professional has been developing a slew of new products this year—more than 50, in fact—to answer a broad range of applications, the intent behind that effort to help designers and installers build complete Bose systems without sourcing from different vendors. Many of the new results of that push, including loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSPs, controllers and software products, will be on hand at InfoComm in Orlando, FL next week.

Jumping at Jazz Fest’s Jazz & Heritage Stage

Announced earlier this year and being shown at InfoComm 2019 are the new ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers. Also introduced this year are 12 models of new DesignMax loudspeakers in a range of sizes (ceiling and surface models, black and white, with subwoofer options); five new PowerSpace amplifiers (two with onboard DSP); two Commercial Sound Processors with a simplified configuration tool; three new digital ControlCenter controllers; and an upgraded Business Music System Designer software tool to facilitate system design.

Morten Jorgensen, Director, Global Sales and Operations, commented, “At Bose Professional, we believe pro audio is about creating incredible experiences; it’s about making the spaces in which we live and work better. With that in mind, we’re developing more products than ever, so that our customers can build complete systems that are easier to install and easier to operate while delivering clear, powerful sound in every space.”

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The new products and solutions have been designed based on customer feedback. This new, expanded line is intended to build a range of cohesive systems that reflect Bose Professional’s latest advancements in terms of audio technology and design aesthetics, while also focusing on customers’ everyday needs in terms of design, configuration and installation.

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