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BroaMan Updates AutoRouter for Yamaha, Avid

Auto-patchbay solution for theatre sound designers adds compatibilities.

Germany (December 13, 2018)—BroaMan’s Route66 AutoRouter with Optocore technology has been updated.

The unit has long offered Auto Routing and an intelligent fiber patch bay powered by Optocore, making it applicable for installations with multiple connection points and mobile stage boxes as well as live events and broadcast.

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Initially compatible with stand-alone Optocore networks and DiGiCo fiber loops, BroaMan has announced that the same functionality is now available for Yamaha TWINLANe cards, which support single-and multi-mode optical fibre, and Avid AVB network cards, aiding the design of theatre sound systems that would use those brands’ consoles and Route66.

A Route66 AutoRouter creates a redundant star out of ring topology and closes the loop automatically between active devices and mobile stageboxes. There is no longer the need to patch cables manually, as the system is always redundant. Route66 will function as an intelligent patchbay, automatically detecting active devices and forming a loop topology from them to establish redundancy, without any user interaction. This speeds up system layout and configuration for any production.

The device can be equipped with up to 40 duplex LC sockets allowing up to 20 different connections from different locations, devices or device groups.

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