CAD Audio U37SE Special Edition USB Mic

CAD is celebrating its 85th anniversary with the release of its U37SE.
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CAD Audio is celebrating its 85th anniversary with a variety of new product introductions: CADLive Wireless Systems, the D88 Kick Drum Mic, the “Classic” A77 Dynamic Mic and, specifically, the U37SE Special Edition USB Mic.

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The U37SE Special Edition is a cardioid, side-address studio condenser microphone. Specially built for vocal and other instrument applications, the U37SE features a -10 dB attenuator, high-pass filter, and “plug-and-play” USB 2.0 USB connectivity. The package comes complete with a USB cable and is available in a variety of colors including gray/white, red/white, orange, candy apple red and camouflage.

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