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Calrec Unveils Brio Expansion Packs

New expansion packs bump up channel counts on Calrec desks.

Hebden Bridge, UK (June 28, 2018)—Calrec Audio’s Brio audio console is getting a boost in channel count with new expansion packs that increase the Brio12 DSP count from 48 to 64 input channels and the Brio36 from 64 to 96 input channels.

DSP expansion packs can be purchased from Calrec’s new online shop or through Calrec’s distributor network. All new Brio consoles can be purchased with the bigger DSP pack already installed.

Plus 4 Adds Two Calrec Consoles

“Calrec’s range of Brio consoles has proved to be very popular,” says Dave Letson, VP of sales for Calrec. “With its small form factor, broadcast-focused feature set and affordable price point, Brio is incredibly versatile, and the consoles are now suitable for applications requiring a larger channel count. We’ve made the range more powerful to accommodate the expanding needs of broadcasters.”

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Expansion packs are available for all Brio consoles on v1.1.6 version software and up; software versions are available for free following Brio registration.

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