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Celestion Adds G10 Greenback IR

The loudspeaker manufacturer adds to its IR collection with a new guitar speaker.

Ipswich, UK (August 5, 2019)—Celestion continues to expand its family of Impulse Responses with the addition of the G10 Greenback guitar speaker, which is now available for digital download.

The G10 Greenback speaker IR is available to download individually in five different cabinet configurations, including 1×10 open and closed back, 2×10 open and closed back and 4×10 closed back. The IRs are downloaded in WAV format for compatibility with most DAWs, IR plug-ins and amp modelling software, and can be purchased as a collection for a discount.

Celestion Debuts BN10-200X Bass Impulse Response

View from the Top: Andy Farrow, Celestion

The G10 Greenback IR was recorded using three microphones, the Sennheiser MD421, the Shure SM57 and the Royer R-121 ribbon, each placed in six unique positions around the speaker, titled with the IR files as Thin, Fat, Balanced, Bright, Dark and Dark 2. An additional rear mic position was also used for recording the open back cabinets.

The positions are all fully adjustable by the user when using the speaker impulse response files within a DAW, IR plugin or amp modeler. In addition to the three studio mics included with this IR pack, a Neumann TLM107 room mic was also used, offering the user a range of tonal options.

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Developed to recapture the rock sound of Celestion’s 1970s 10-inch guitar speakers, the G10 Greenback offers a complex mid-range and smooth, vintage top-end, with a ceramic magnet. Reportedly delivering a warm-bodied character and distinctive throaty growl reminiscent of its 12-inch counterpart, the G10 Greenback gives rise to a raunchy, full-bodied tone, rich in low-end thump in a 4×10 formation.