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Celestion Brings On New Bass Impulse Responses

New Digitally Downloadable Additions to Impulse Response Collection for Bass Players

Ipswich, UK (March 18, 2018) — Celestion has added two new Impulse Responses, the PULSE12 and the BN15-300X to its line of Bass Impulse Responses.

The Celestion PULSE12 bass speaker is intended to provide a combination of a rumbling low-end together with clarity and articulation. The Kevlar-loaded cone speaker was recorded using the same techniques that the Celestion sound engineers brought to bear on the company’s guitar speaker IRs. The resulting bass speaker is available in digitally downloadable format, in a 1×12 cabinet configuration, or as 1×12 with additional Playing Style Mixes.

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Hand in hand with that, the company created the BN range of bass speakers for high-powered rock performances. Sporting a 15-inch, Kevlar-loaded speaker cone, the Celestion BN15-300X has a lightweight neodymium magnet to push out every note with 300 Watts of tone and low-end thump.

The BN15-300X was the first of Celestion’s BN bass speaker range to be reproduced and made available in digital form, and the bass speaker impulse response is available in a 1×15 configuration, or as 1×15 with added Playing Style Mixes.

“We are very proud to introduce these two new additions to our line of Impulse Responses especially designed for Bass Players,” says Nigel Wood, managing director at Celestion. “Players who create their tone with amp modellers and emulators or direct into DAWs can make use of our Impulse Responses and be able to enjoy classic Celestion tone.”

Each of the new bass speaker impulse responses are downloaded in .WAV format for compatibility with most DAWs, IR plug-ins and amp modelling software. The PULSE12 and BN15-300X single cabinets can also be included in a Pick & Mix selection. The Pick & Mix option allows customers to select combinations of either 3 or 5 cabinets from the company’s full range of original IRs.

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