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Celestion Introduces CDV1-1757 Compression Driver

Compression driver will debut at Pro Light + Sound Middle East show.

Dubai, U.A.E. (September 13, 2018)—In preparation for its appearance at the Pro Light + Sound Middle East show in Dubai later this month, Celestion introduces the CDV1-1757, a compression driver.

This driver features Celestion technology built-in, including a 1.75” (44 mm) edgewound copper clad aluminum voice coil; single-piece polyimide diaphragm/surround; and finite element analysis (FEA)-optimized magnet assembly and phase plug. This reportedly enables the driver to deliver 120 W continuous power handling (60 Wrms, AES standard) and 107 dB sensitivity. A standard 1.38” (3 5mm) screw fitting provides compatibility with a range of Celestion and third-party horn flares.

In a nod to the locale of the product’s debut, Celestion touts the CDV1-1757’s potential use in applications such as the broadcast of the Adhan, the Muslim Call to Prayer.

Innovations: Celestion CDX14-3040 Compression Driver, by Paul Cork, June 26, 2018

“Pure vocal applications such as the Call to Prayer require a more application-specific approach to compression driver design,” said Celestion head of engineering Paul Cork. “By taking a fresh look at one of our existing designs—modifying the phase plug and optimizing the volume of the rear loading chamber—we were able to create a device that gave additional focus to the part of the frequency range where the voice sits. This led us to develop a driver with a greater vocal output level together with enhanced clarity.”

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