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CEntrance Debuts MixerFace R4 Mobile Interface

New mobile recording interface expected to ship in May

New York, NY (January 5, 2018)—CEntrance will unveil its new smartphone-sized, four-input MixerFace R4 Mobile Recording Interface at the NAMM Show later this month.

The MixerFace R4 will come in two models; while both can be paired with a smartphone or tablet for use with recording software, the second model adds a built-in, stereo 16/48k recorder.

The unit will also sport Neutrik combo input jacks with Jasmine Mic Pres and 48V phantom power for mic, line or instrument recording, including HI-Z for electric guitar or bass.

The MixerFace R4 will include CEntrance’s headphone amp; balanced and un-balanced outputs; a rechargeable battery with reported 8-hour capacity; and a tripod mount.

Onboard controls will include a low cut filter, AUX input and a zero-Latency monitoring blend control. Users can use any mic for recording, though CEntrance will offer a $49 matched X/Y stereo mic pair for the MixerFace R4, too.

Expected to ship in May, the MixerFace R4 base model will go for $299, while the model with a built-in audio recorder will run $349 (SD card not included).

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