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CEntrance Debuts MixerFace R4B Stereo Recorder

Intended for news gathering, podcasting and the like, the new MixerFace R4B is shipping.

Chicago, IL (November 7, 2019)—CEntrance has introduced its new MixerFace R4B, a new edition of its mobile recording interface that comes with a pair of XY stereo microphones, PivotMics PM1, and a built-in 24-bit SD card recorder, creating a completely stand-alone, high-end recording device.

CEntrance Ships MicPort Pro 2 Interface

The MixerFace R4B offers the same features as other MixerFace models, including a rechargeable battery, metal housing and a tactile user interface

Two built-in mic preamps with 48V phantom power let users choose their own microphones for recording, or can be used with CEntrance PivotMics PM1. The unit sports Neutrik Combo input jacks with a Hi-Z feature allow users to plug in instruments as well, so the unit can can double up a music practice tool, idea pad or on-the-gig mixer.

The condenser capsules in the left and right microphones are each mounted at a 45-degree angle, forming a 90-degree XY stereo pair. Optionally, the microphones could be inserted into the opposite input channels, facing outwards and transforming MixerFace into an interactive field interview tool. The built-in 24-bit/48kHz stereo SD card recorder offers “One-Button Record” and captures audio immediately.

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The MixerFace R4B is available now at $499.99 USD, while the new CEntrance PivotMics are also shipping separately at $179.99 for a pair.

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