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CEntrance Debuts MixerFace R4R Mobile Interface

Updating its R4, the new MixerFace adds on-board recording

Chicago, IL (November 1, 2018)—CEntrance has released a new edition of its MixerFace mobile pro audio interface with the R4R, a new version that sports a built-in audio recorder.

Like the original MixerFace R4, released earlier this year, the unit is intended for podcasting, live streaming, songwriting and so on, sending signal to a smartphone which would record the results.

CEntrance Debuts MixerFace R4 Mobile Interface

Both units sport a pair of mic preamps with true 48V phantom power, Neutrik Combo input jacks with the Hi-Z feature in order to accommodate guitars and other instruments and a rechargeable internal battery

The R4R, however, ensures redundancy by providing one-button recording with the addition of a stereo micro-SD card recorder for redundancy. Alternately, this makes the MixerFace a stand-alone unit—or allows users to record audio to a card while using a smartphone to live stream.

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The new MixerFace R4R has an MSRP of $449.99 USD and is shipping; the original model, sans recorder, runs $349.99 USD.

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