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CEntrance Ships Cerene dB Headphones

The manufacturer bows its first headphones, aimed at pros and audiophiles.

Chicago, IL (September 25, 2019)—CEntrance has shipped its first pair of headphones, the Cerene dB.

Said to be the result of years of R&D, the headphones are intended to be a transparent reference source. Michael Goodman, CEntrance’s CEO, offered, “We spent over a year tuning the Cerene dB headphones to sound truthful and acoustically transparent, allowing users to hear all the details, whether they listen for work or fun-or both.”

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Cerene dB are closed-back headphones with a circumaural design to aid isolation. The headphones sport synthetic leather ear pads and a padded headband for comfort. Large dynamic, neodymium drivers are employed in an effort to provide precise bass and extended high-end

The headphones have a foldable design with two-way, 180-degree cup rotation to help make them more easily stored.

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Cerene dB headphones are available now for $179.99 USD.

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