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Clark Wire & Cable 700 Series Audio Cables

Clark Wire & Cable has upgraded its 700 Series multi-pair audio cables. Built for high-density audio applications, the 700 Series comes in configurations from four to 24 balanced audio pairs within a single master jacketed cable. New to the series is an updated jacket and core construction that reportedly improves the flexibility and elevates the UL rating to riser type CMR.

Designed for use in studio, staging and permanent installation applications, the 700 Series pair construction features 22AWG tinned copper conductors that are insulated with a low-shrink back, low-loss polypropylene dielectric. To achieve low RF/EMI noise and common-mode rejection, each pair is twisted and shielded with a bonded foil shield and a tinned copper drain wire. Each single-pair element has a color-coded and alpha-numerically printed jacket that makes channel identification easy, even in low-light environments.

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