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Clear-Com Debuts Freespeak Edge Digital Wireless Intercom

The new wireless intercom makes use of 5 GHz and IP advances.

Alameda, CA (September 11, 2019)–Clear-Com has announced FreeSpeak Edge, the new flagship model of the company’s FreeSpeak digital wireless intercom line.

FreeSpeak Edge was designed taking into account feedback from existing FreeSpeak II power users and using an all-new 5GHz chipset that features an exclusive radio stack development which has been optimized for intercom. FreeSpeak Edge also brings into play new audio-over-IP developments in its architecture, utilizing AES67 connections between the transceivers and the host intercom frame.

According to Clear-Com, the 5GHz band is appropriate for large scale communications, as it can be managed with frequency coordination for reduced interference and offers a wide range of RF channels. Its higher frequencies mean there’s more bandwidth for data as well.

Innovations: Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless Intercom System

The system also makes use of Clear-Com’s RF technology which uses OFDM to provide a transport layer that the company states “is immune to most forms of interference.” FreeSpeak Edge delivers 12 kHz audio with ultra-low latency and is scalable to support over 100 beltpacks and 64 transceivers. It can be combined with existing FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz systems, providing three bandwidths across a single unified communications system.

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The FreeSpeak Edge beltpack’s design includes asymmetrical concave/convex top buttons for identification at a glance and touch operation; eight programmable buttons; rotary controls on both sides; and a master volume control and flashlight on the bottom. It also includes a mic and speaker for headset-free or desktop operation. Meanwhile, each ruggedized transceiver supports 10 beltpacks and includes attenuation and external antennas for custom RF zones as well as wall and mic stand mounting options.

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