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Coda Audio Launches N-Ray at ISE

Coda Audio’s new N-Ray is a compact line array loudspeaker intended for installation in theaters, performing-arts centers and corporate event spaces.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (February 11, 2020)—Coda Audio has introduced N-Ray, a new three-way line array, at this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam.

Intended for installation in theaters, performing-arts centers and corporate event spaces, N-Ray incorporates a 6-inch double diaphragm planar wave driver (DDP), dual 6.5-inch neodymium ultra-low distortion low-frequency cone drivers, N-Ray insta-fit magnetic coupler sums and Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) technology, with the aim of providing high sound pressure and low power compression.

The N-Ray offers a phase linearity similar to AiRay, a 60 Hz-22 kHz (-6 dB) frequency range and high power handling of 1,000 W. N-Ray has a variable horizontal coverage of 90°, 120° or asymmetric105°, variable vertical curving 0°, 1°, 2°, 3° to 12° in 1°steps and an integrated three-point rigging system for flown or ground stacked array.

The line array facilitates system integration with Coda’s Linus loudspeaker management amplifiers, while a hybrid multiplex/aluminum encloser with Polyurea coating provides durability and water protection.

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N-Ray is part of Coda’s latest N-Series, a range of lightweight, compact systems that aim to provide efficiency and power to rival larger and heavier loudspeaker systems.

In a statement, the company noted, “The unique technologies contained within the N-Series, such as Dynamic Airflow Cooling, underpin the creation of these ultra-compact, ultra-powerful systems, which as part of our wider range, enable us to offer flexible solutions to perfectly cover any and every scale and type of application.”

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