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Crane Song Avocet IIA and Solaris D/A with Quantum DA Tech

Crane Song introduces two new products with Quantum D/A converter technology.

At AES, Crane Song will introduce two new products featuring the company’s new Quantum DA fifth generation of D/A converter technology: the Avocet IIA discrete Class A monitor controller and the Solaris D/A converter.

The Quantum DAC uses a 32-bit converter and asynchronous sample rate conversion for jitter reduction with up sampling to 211 kHz. The reference clock uses a proprietary reconstruction filter for accurate time domain response. With jitter less than 1pS, Quantum DA has the lowest published jitter values in the industry, according to Crane Song.

Based on the original Avocet and Avocet II, Avocet IIA ($2,995, pictured) is a stereo monitor controller capable of operating in surround configurations up to 7.1, enclosed in a rack-mount chassis with table top remote control. Features include dim, mute, phase, mono, and 16-bit truncation functions, plus a speaker select switch that sends line level balanced audio to one of three outputs. Further, a dedicated subwoofer output for each of the three analog monitor outputs is included while output levels are now programmable in 0.25 dB steps.

The Solaris Quantum D/A ($1,849) is a standalone D/A converter featuring the new Quantum D/A and three separate analog outputs: main out with discrete output amplifier and stepped attenuator; balanced, fixed level output (at +18dBu); and a stepped attenuator headphone output/amplifier.

Crane Song