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CROWLEY AND TRIPP el Diablo Ribbon Microphone

Some say the Devil will find work for idle hands.

Fast Facts
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Crowley and Trip | 508-231-4515 | www.soundwaveresearch.comSome say the Devil will find work for idle hands. But in this case, Crowley and Tripp have turned the tables and found work for “el Diablo,” a bass drum ribbon mic that makes foils obsolete. Combining the aggression of a 421 with the size of a 47 FET, el Diablo is strong enough to handle kick recordings, while eliminating any dual mic phase issues. It does this with Roswellite, Crowley and Tripp’s proprietary super-strength material designed to exactly mimic the sound of traditional aluminum leaf with none of the typical issues such as sagging or loss in strength. So did Crowley and Tripp make a deal with the Devil? Who knows, but there is definitely soul being shared with you.