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Crown XLS Amplifiers

The amps implement the company’s PureBand crossover system.

Fast Facts

$299, $399, $499, $599 (XLS1000, XLS1500, XLS2000, XLS2500, respectively)

Crown |
Crown has launched the next generation line of its XLS Series of amplifiers, consisting of four models. The amps implement the company’s PureBand crossover system. According to Crown, a user can select crossover points from 50 Hz to 3 kHz, allowing for precise matching of specified crossover points on most biamplified loudspeakers. Increased control is also highlighted by the three selectable channel modes and clip limiters designed to protect loudspeakers that can be turned on and off by channel.

In another move, the new XLS series amplifiers feature Integrated DriveCore technology. Regardless of AC Line sag or distortion due to other equipment such as backline or lighting gear, reportedly the user will consistently have a high level of performance as though there is a power conditioner built directly into the amplifier. It also provides recovery on peaks, reproduction of low-level detail, and tracking of low frequencies at high power levels for maximum subwoofer output.