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d&b audiotechnik Launches ArrayCalc Exchange

New software addition gets CAD and EASE files to play well with ArrayCalc.

Backnang, Germany (April 16, 2019)—d&b audiotechnik has released d&b ArrayCalc Exchange software, a new SketchUp extension intended to simplify the import of complex venue geometry data from CAD and EASE into the company’s ArrayCalc simulation software.

d&b ArrayCalc Exchange can convert CAD and EASE files into an ArrayCalc venue file (*.dbacv) that in turn can be imported directly into ArrayCalc.

d&b audiotechnik Bows B8-SUB

d&b ArrayCalc Exchange supports system designers in mobile and fixed applications by simplifying the creation of complex venues in ArrayCalc. Selected elements are divided into triangles or quadrangles and converted into corresponding triangular or quadrangular planes that are used in ArrayCalc. Different layer name extensions are available, which will determine the input type of the single components from SketchUp in ArrayCalc.

The d&b ArrayCalc simulation software is a toolbox for all tasks associated with acoustic design, performance prediction, alignment, rigging and safety parameters.

ArrayCalc Exchange and a corresponding video tutorial are available for free download at the d&b audiotechnik website.

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