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Software-Based Dante Comes to Q-SYS Ecosystem

Native Dante integration for Q-SYS arrives in 2020.

Costa Mesa, CA / Portland, OR (June 5, 2019)—QSC and Audinate have announced Software-Based Dante for the Q-SYS Ecosystem as the first result of the two companies’ strategic technology partnership.

Expected to debut in early 2020 and run within the Q-SYS Designer Software environment, the new arrangement will allow users to handle functions such as device discovery, synchronization, control and management for Dante all within Q-SYS. Aiding adoption of the new software-based paradigm, Q-SYS feature licenses will enable native Dante networked audio integration without the need for additional hardware I/O or external configuration software.

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Because Q-SYS operates over standard IT network infrastructure, Dante audio data will work with Q-SYS AV&C data, eliminating the need for bridging or combining schemes to manage both Q-SYS and Dante connected peripherals.

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Following the release of Software-Based Dante feature licenses, all new Q-SYS Core processors will ship with a small set of Dante audio channels enabled at no additional cost. Additionally, QSC will offer tiered feature licenses to enable Q-SYS system users to scale Dante integration capabilities based on their specific installation needs and Q-SYS Core processor capabilities.

Both companies will feature the new development at their InfoComm booths—QSC (booth 3811) and Audinate (booth 6845)—next week.


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