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D.A.S. Bows Action Series Loudspeakers

D.A.S. Audio has introduced its Action Series loudspeakers.

New York, NY (January 26, 2012)—D.A.S. Audio has introduced its Action Series loudspeakers.

Available in both active and passive designs, the series includes a collection of models including floor monitors, free-standing loudspeakers and subwoofers that are targeted for musicians, DJs, and small AV and presentation systems.

The line includes a dedicated 12-inch floor monitor (the Action M12 and powered Action M12A), as well as the Action 12 and powered Action 12A. These 2-way, compact models are comprised of a 12-inch LF transducer and a 1-inch HF driver. The Action 15 and powered Action 15A models are 2-way designs that encompass a 15-inch LF transducer paired with a 1-inch HF compression driver.

For those seeking a portable PA speaker for larger venues, there are the Action 215 and Action 215A (powered) loudspeakers. Comprised of dual 15-inch LF transducers mated with a 1.5-inch HF compression driver, the Action 215 and 215A. The Action Series product line also includes subwoofers-the single 18-inch Action 18 and the powered Action 18A, along with dual 18-inch models, the Action 218 and powered Action 218A.

D.A.S. Audio