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DAW Plug-Ins and Peripherals

Buyer’s Guide

URS Classic Console Strip Pro

Features: Plug-ins; Windows Vista/Mac OS X/Linux; 24 bit/192 kHz; DSP effects; VST, AU, RTAS, TDM; 30 Input Stages, 60 Compressors, 5 EQ models per band; Side Chain-able Filters.

Price: $1,499 (TDM-RTAS-AU VST), $750 (Native-RTAS-AU VST)

Contact: URS at

Peterson StroboSoft Suite

Features: Vista/2000/XP/Mac OS X DAW software; strobe tuner; 0.1 cent accuracy; 59 tuning presets; 38 exclusive tuning Sweeteners, unlimited user-presets; 20 Hz – 5 kHz; 96 kHz support; spectrum analyzer; oscilloscope; VST/AU (available 11/07).

Price: $149.99

Contact: Peterson at 708-388-3311,

Xynergi Media Production Center

Features: DAW interface; software, tactile control combination; self-labeling key switch technology; CC-1 engine powered.

Price: $23,000

Contact: Fairlight US at 626-793-3940,

Audio Impressions Inc. Realtime Instruments Strings Sample Library

Features: DAW software; 70 Violins, Violas, Celli, Basses recorded at 192 kHz; supports all sequencers via AU or VST plug-ins; Native Instruments’ Kontakt 2.2, AudioMulch 1.0, FX Teleport and Windows XP Pro-SP 2.

Price: $3,499

Contact: Audio Impressions Inc. at 818-456-7103,

Sonnox Oxford Limiter

Features: Professional stereo limiter plug-ins; econstruction meter, enhance section, comprehensive dither and noise shaping, attack and release controls; 192 kHz capable; many presets; Windows/Mac compatible; for Pro Tools, TC Powercore and all Native formats (AU, VST, RTAS).

Pricing: $531 (TDM), $450 (Powercore), $351 (RTAS)

Contact: Sonnox at

Digidesign Pro Tools

Features: DAW software; Mac OS X, Windows; 24 bit/96 kHz with Pro Tools LE, 24 bit/192 kHz with Pro Tools|HD; advanced audio and built-in MIDI sequencing; comprehensive mixing and automation environment; large collection of bundled effects, virtual instruments, compatible applications; support for RTAS, AudioSuite, TDM (HD-only) plug-ins; VST supported via optional third-party software.

Price: Beginning at $349.99

Contact: Digidesign at 650-731-6300,

Frontier Design AlphaTrack

Features: Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X controller compatible with most major DAWs; transport controls; 100 mm touch-sensitive fader, three touch-sensitive knobs, touch-sensitive jog/shuttle strip; user-definable buttons; footswitch input.

Price: $249

Contact: Frontier Design at 800-928-3236,

Lynx AES16e PCI Express Interface

Features: PCI Express card for 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O; ASIO, WDM for Windows, CoreAudio for Mac OS X; 24 bit, 192 kHz; 32 x 16 onboard digital mixer.

Price: $795

Contact: Lynx at 949-515-8265 x204,

Ableton Live 6

Features: Mac OS/ Windows sampler/sequence DAW software; unlimited 32/192 recording; improvisational workflow with Session View; integrated MIDI, audio effects; Simpler, Impulse instruments built in; orchestral multisamples bundled with boxed version.

Price: $599 (boxed), $499 (download), upgrades from $119.

Contact: Ableton at 646-723-4550,

Adobe Audition 3

Features: DAW software; VSTi virtual instrument support with piano roll editor; spectral editing; multitrack editing; Convolution Reverb; Analog Delay; Mastering tool; Tube-modeled Compressor; radius time, pitch stretching from iZotope; Guitar Suite effects; Top/Tail Views; noise reduction, phase correction tools; waveform editing tools; ASIO, VST, DirectX, ReWire support; Windows Vista.

Price: $349 (upgrade from $99).

Contact: Adobe at 800-585-0774,


Features: Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista plug-ins; adjustable frequency split point and audio levels; low- to mid-split point from 80 Hz to 1475 Hz; mid- to high-split point from 80 Hz to 16 kHz; Hanning or Blackman windowing; Mute, Sum, Low Band, Mid Band and High Band for instant monitoring; level meter and adjustable gain for each band.

Price: $129

Contact: RNDigital at 727- 230-1603,

ADK Lyve Tracker Studio System

Features: 4RU rack DAW interface/software; based around a Steinberg Nuendo 3 or Cubase 4 audio engine, providing the Yamaha PM5D digital console with recording of up to 192 simultaneous tracks; features Intel Core 2 Duo, RME MADI technologies; removable hard drive bays; DVD-RW for backup.

Price: $10,799

Contact: ADK at 859-635-5762,

PreSonus FireStudio Project

Features: Windows/OS X DAW interface/software; eight Class A XMAX mic preamps; 24-bit/96-kHz, +114 dBu dynamic range rate conversion; zero-latency matrix router/mixer; JetPLL synchronized stereo imaging, clarity; Cubase LE 4; over 25 real-time plug-ins; over 2 GB drum loops, samples.

Price: $699.

Contact: PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. at 225-215-0636,

CEDAR Cambridge v4

Features: DAW restoration, speech enhancement software; Windows XP; 24 bit/96 kHz; timecode, automation; file processor; real-time process manager; spectrum analyzer; dither; noise shaping; two-channel tools; metering; gain; DC filter; manual declick, dethump; broadband noise reduction modules: auto dehiss, dehiss-3; declickle-2; vintage; decrackle; debuzz; declip phase correction; dynamics processor; limiter; dialogue noise suppression; EQ; adaptive filters.

Price: Dependent Upon Configuration.

Contact: CEDAR at 207-828-0024,

Cube-Tec SpectralDeHiss

Features: Fingerprint-style de-noising plug-ins for Pro Tools; Mac only; algorithms for “colored” noise problems; hand-editable noise floor, psycho-acoustic scale; Gain for attenuation, smoothing; noise-free equalizing mode; RTAS, AudioSuite.

Price: $1,950.

Contact: Cube_Tec at 905-469-8080,

Steinberg Nuendo 4

Features: DAW software; Universal Binary/Vista 64; automation; MediaBay database; post editing; 38 New VST3 Effects; routing and summing, side chaining, track presets, MPEX3.

Price: $1799.99.

Contact: Steinberg at 877-253-3900,

SoundToys Native Effects

Features: Six Mac/Windows plug-ins: EchoBoy, Phase Mistress, FilterFreak, Crystallizer, Tremolator, Speed; analog emulations; Pro Tools LE & M-Powered; Audio Units support for Logic, Live, Digital Performer.

Price: $495.

Contact: Sound Toys at 802-951-9700,

UAD Nevana X2

Features: DAW hardware/software; two PCIe UAD-1e DSP Cards; plug-ins create virtual Neve 1073/SE, 1081/SE, 33609/SE, 88RS consoles; UA Mix Essentials (VST/AU/RTAS); card expandable.

Price: $200.

Contact: Universal Audio at

iZotope RX

Features: DAW restoration software; iZotope Advanced Audio Algorythms: Denoiser, Declipper, Hum Removal, Spectrogram, Selective Processing, Queued Processing, Undo History. RX Advanced features deeper processing modules, iZotope’s MBIT+ dither, 64-bit SRC.

Price: RX: $349, RX Advanced: $1199

Contact: iZotope at

Apogee Duet

Features: Mac FireWire 24-bit/96-kHz I/0; two balanced XLR inputs; two unbalanced instrument inputs; headphone, unbalanced output for monitors; control built into Apple Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, GarageBand.

Price: $495.

Contact: Apogee Digital at 310-584-9394,

BIAS Peak Pro XT 6

Features: Mac OS X DAW software; 32 bit/10 MHz; destructive/non-destructive sample editor; Playlist views, crossfades, envelopes; 100-percent Red Book CD mastering; BIAS dither cloning, sample rate conversion; Podcasting; DSP support; AU/VST effects/instruments; sampler support; edit UI/metadata; SoundSoap Pro analysis, restoration.

Price: $1,199.

Contact: BIAS at 707-782-1866,

JLCooper MCS-3800 Media Command Station

Features: DAW peripheral for Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Sequoia, Final Cut Pro and others; eight touch-sensitive faders; 60 function keys; full-size numeric keypad; transport controls; LCD/LED displays; MIDI I/O, two card slots.

Price: $3,299.95.

Contact: JLCooper at 310-322-9990,


Features: DSP-powered plug-in for Duende; 10-band parametric EQ, each band assignable to a different type of EQ; high and low filters, each can employ five different topologies; shelving with a Q range to 10.3, plus undershoot/overshoot; Bell EQ’s with nine response curves; 20 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- 20 dB; switchable between series, parallel flow; real-time FFT signal analysis display; stereo input/output metering with peak hold, RMS meter, dynamic range display; A/B facility; MIDI capability.

Price: $599.

Contact: Solid State Logic at 212-315-1111,

McDSP Emerald Pack

Features: Mac OS X/Windows plug-ins; emulations of vintage equalizers, compressors, tape machines, channel amplifiers; custom console modeling; convolution reverb, mastering limiters; Pro Tools HD, LE and M-Powered.

Price: $1,395 (Native), $2,595 (HD)

Contact: McDSP at 650-318-0005,