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DaySequerra to Debut iMix Monitor

DaySequerra will debut a new 5.1 headphone system at NAB 2016 for monitoring program quality, levels and loudness.

West Berlin, NJ (March 18, 2016)—DaySequerra will debut a new 5.1 headphone system at NAB 2016 for monitoring program quality, levels and loudness.

Designed for rendering of a discreet 5.1 soundstage, the iMix 5.1 Monitor reportedly does not require artificial ambience or special encoding to reproduce multichannel audio in headphones. Additionally, the iMix 5.1 Monitor works with any type of headphone, including open backed, closed back, in-ear or earbuds without the need for individual HRTF calibration or special setup.

The iMix 5.1 Monitor ships with three sets of AES digital inputs and features the latest version ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement system as well as a built-in webserver. An HD-SDI input is optional. No proprietary encoding is required; test tone locations are rendered with image integrity. BLITS tones and TWIRL tests are managed without the need for artificial ambience that masks the program audio.

“We’ve had many requests from our current HDTV and radio broadcast customers for a 5.1 surround headphone monitor that would allow them to monitor and QC their 5.1 broadcasts outside a specially-designed (and expensive) audio room,” said David Day, DaySequerra president. “Our team has delivered a robust solution that allows users to work with their preferred type of headphones, achieving the sonic accuracy they need without special setup or calibration. There simply isn’t anything else in the world that can do that. It’s the only completely compatible, non-ambient-creating surround headphone technology available.”

The iMix 5.1 Monitor is designed for use by broadcasters, production houses, content creators, recording studios, mastering houses and HDTV networks. Field testing will start during the upcoming NASCAR, MLB and NFL seasons. Production is scheduled to commence in Q4.