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DHDI Brings Nano Tech to Acoustical Treatment

DHDI adds to its ZR Acoustics line of acoustical treatments.

Marina Del Rey, CA (July 2, 2018)—Delta H Design, Inc. has added to its ZR Acoustics treatment line with the introduction of ZR Nano Technology.

ZR Nano Technology is said to offer more than 9,200 NPS/ft2 (Non-Parallel Surfaces per Square Foot), and currently comes in three designs: the ZR Nano Hex, the ZR Nano CT90, and the ZR Nano CT45.

The Nano Hex is intended for use in a variety of applications, while the CT90 and CT45 are designed exclusively as ceiling tiles.

DHDI Bows Acoustics A/B Comparisons

Designed to be lightweight, transportable and reusable, the panels are shaped as a symmetrical hexagon, weigh 4 lbs. each and measure 0.75″ Thin x 28” L x 24.25” W.

Hanson Hsu, CEO and principal acoustician at DHDI, opined, “The miniaturization of acoustics will eventually lead to quantum devices as thin as linen with the ability to control audible sound and beyond.”

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All ZR Acoustics products are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro. ZR Nano is shipping with an MSRP of $700.