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DiGiCo SD10-24 Mixer

The new DiGiCo SD10-24 features standard input channel processing such as channel delay; single and multi channel presets; HPF and LPF with an industry leading 24dB per octave; four bands of parametric EQ with band curve selection; compressor and date; dual insert points and access to all bussing. Standard output channel processing includes output delay; eight bands of parametric EQ (previously only seen on DiGiCo’s SD7); compressor and gate; dual insert points; groups with buss to buss routing, plus Auxes that have direct talk to output with dim control. Dynamic EQ provides both expansion and compression on all four bands of parametric EQ. These powerful processors can be assigned to any of the input or output channels, whether stereo or LCR, with ten units being allocated as required. 

Price: TBA

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