Quantum 7 engine gets dipped in new processing.

Frankfurt, Germany (April 5, 2019)—Building on its recent addition of the Quantum 7 processing engine for the SD7 console, DiGiCo has now served up Mustard, a new set of algorithms and options for channel strip processing for Quantum 7.

The Mustard channel can be used in conjunction with the standard SD processing to add pre-amp, filters, EQ, gate and a selection of compressor types to any existing channel strip.

Mustard Tube options include a controllable Pre-Amp Modeler, which gives users access to every aspect of the front-end drive, while Mustard Dynamics include Vintage VCA and Optical compressor types that emulate numerous well-known devices.

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DiGiCo has also introduced the Spice Rack, which delivers additional new processors that can be inserted on any channel type in any position. Controlled from the Master screen and its worksurface controls, the first addition to the Spice Rack will be a six-band compressor, which includes two floating bands and allows control of envelope shaping for definable frequency bands.

“The beauty of having the most advanced FPGAs at the heart of our consoles is that it allows us to continually unlock new functionality,” says Roger Wood, DiGiCo’s head of software. “Both Mustard and the Spice Rack take the SD7 Quantum to a completely new level, not only opening up a new world of creativity for our users but assuring them that their investment will continue to deliver a return for many years to come.”

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