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DiGiCo’s 4REA4 to Make US Debut at NAB

Long-awaited expansion set for upcoming NAB Show

Las Vegas, NV (March 20, 2018)—NAB will be the site of the first official North American showing of DiGiCo’s new 4REA4 Installed Audio Solution, intended to meet the growing requirements of large broadcast facilities, entertainment venues, houses of worship, theatres and shared stages.

The 4REA4 processing engine sports connectivity options and control software to provide routing, processing and mix control that will allows a performance area to expand across an installation. The 4REA4 processing engine rack has four dedicated mix areas, or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs, and allocated FX. With an available 128 input channels and 48 buss output processing strips, users can independently allocate processing to each area as required.

At ISE: DiGiCo provides access to all areas

Managing the mixing and routing of each individual local performance area are a new range of hardware control panels and external I/O units, that work with the 4REA4 processing engine and control software. New Ethernet connected controller options include the wall-mounting, single rotary ACONTROL1, with a TFT display for small area performance management, and the ACONTROL8, with eight 100 m faders intended for more complex mix and function control.

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Local I/O boxes are managed via proprietary Ethernet or Dante connectivity for extended reach across a facility, with options including the A168 STAGE floor rack and the A164 WALL LCD box, both providing mic and line level connectivity at 96 kHz.

“It’s a natural but very exciting step in terms of expanding our current range of live performance solutions,” comments DiGiCo Managing Director James Gordon. “4REA4 will allow our customers and new facilities to expand the function and reach of our live consoles today, whilst providing a new installation platform that delivers the highest quality audio and control across multiple performance areas.”

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