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Digidesign Delivers Pro Tools 7.3 Software

Digidesign has introduced Pro Tools 7.3 software.

Daly City, CA (December 8, 2006)–Digidesign has introduced Pro Tools 7.3 software, a powerful new Pro Tools release with an array of new features and speed enhancements for Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered systems. With new music composition tools, customizable user enhancements, and improved post production workflows, Pro Tools 7.3 software is an essential upgrade for Pro Tools users composing music or mixing audio for post production.

“Pro Tools 7.3 is a very exciting software release for all Pro Tools users,” said Dusty DiMercurio, marketing manager for Digidesign’s personal studio products. “Users can perform a lot more functions on the fly, enabling them to work faster to keep up with their creative flow. New loop composition features further reinforce our commitment to continue making Pro Tools a powerful tool for music creation. And for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered users, version 7.3 is especially exciting as it incorporates many of the features that made Pro Tools HD 7.2 such a successful software release for mixing and post professionals.”

Pro Tools 7.3 software includes new features for music creation such as Dynamic Transport mode, which allows playback to operate independently of the current selection, and the Loop Trim tool, which allows users to easily turn audio or MIDI regions into loops. New key signature features, loop preview options, and click track features also streamline music composition. Pro Tools 7.3 software also bridges Pro Tools with Sibelius notation software (sold separately) with a new “Send to Sibelius” menu command, enabling composers and educators to conveniently export entire Pro Tools MIDI compositions or individual tracks to Sibelius to print arrangements or instrumental parts.

User customization and speed-enhancing features also abound. The new Window Configurations feature allows users to store and recall up to 99 window layouts, while memory locations, Zoom Toggle preferences, and track heights are all user-customizable. For efficiency, users can make many changes to their mixing configurations without manually stopping and restarting playback, and new drag-and-drop plug-in settings functionality allows for instant plug-in opening or settings recall. And for post professionals working with Pro Tools LE 7.3 software, the DV Toolkit 2 option adds new QuickTime video editing and export features, as well as integrated multichannel field audio matching.

“With Pro Tools 7.3, we have improved overall usability through additions such as Dynamic Transport mode, making Pro Tools behave more like traditional sequencing environments,” said Adrian Haselhuber, Digidesign’s senior product manager for music creation. “Audio or MIDI loops can now be quickly and intuitively drawn into a track using the new Loop Trim tool. And the new Window Configurations feature provides instant recall of complex window arrangements. Put simply, Pro Tools 7.3 software is a creative powerhouse that gives our users more focus and flexibility when creating music.”

Pro Tools 7.3 software is available for all Digidesign-qualified Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools systems—including Intel-based Mac systems—and across all Pro Tools product lines (Pro Tools HD, Pro Tools LE, and Pro Tools M-Powered). Pro Tools 7.3 software is available now on the DigiStore. Pro Tools HD 7.3 Standard Upgrade is also available through authorized Digidesign dealers.


Pro Tools HD 7.3: $199 Standard Upgrade; $79 Upgrade from Pro Tools HD 7.2
Pro Tools LE 7.3: $75 Upgrade from Pro Tools LE 6.x; $49 Upgrade from Pro Tools LE 7.x
Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3: $49

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