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DPA 4560 CORE Binaural Headset Launched

The DPA 4560 CORE binaural headset captures immersive audio via worn mics on each ear.

Alleroed, Denmark (December 2, 2019) – Released today, the DPA 4560 CORE binaural headset mic is a new microphone arrangement designed for YouTubers, sound designers, podcasters, vloggers and other content creators looking to capture immersive and POV audio.

The binaural headset allows users to capture, in real time, exactly what each ear is hearing so that those listening on headphones can experience the full immersive sound. Beyond recording applications, the headset can be used for tasks such as sound system documentation, soundscape analysis, sound quality assessment, and sound for theatrical productions or gaming, among others.

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At the heart of the DPA 4560 CORE binaural headset is a pair of 4060 CORE miniature microphones mounted on two ear hooks, sitting just outside the user’s ear canal. This makes it possible to directly capture (1:1) the sound heard by the person making the recording. The ear hooks are attached to a flexible headset and foam screens are supplied with the microphones to secure their position and offer damping of wind noise.

In addition to being worn, the 4560s can attach to recording gear, like DPA’s MMA-A Digital Audio Interface, that connects to iOS devices.

“Recordings made with DPA 4560 CORE binaural headset are so accurate that listeners often turn their head looking for the source of the sound,” said DPA product manager Rene Moerch. “Ideally, content recorded with this product should be listened to via headphones as the audio experience is much different when played back over stereo speakers. However, there are techniques that can provide corrections and upmix for stereo and multichannel formats, making this product useful for film recordists who want to gather content for atmospheric sound.”

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DPA’s new 4560 CORE Binaural Headset Microphone is listed at $1,099.95 USD.

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